Jodi started her singing endeavors in a Pentecostal church singing Southern Gospel music.  She sang in the Heirloom Quartet and traveled to many Christian venues across the country from here in her hometown of San Diego to Missouri and even Kodiak, Alaska.  Outside of the quartet, Jodi has sung the National Anthem at a variety of sporting events.  Other soloist experiences include singing contemporary Christian music with Dan and Amber Clarkson with their venue Clarkson and Friends on multiple stages at the Del Mar Fair as well as singing for many wedding ceremonies and memorials.  Though Jodi primarily sings in a gospel setting, she has expanded her variety of music by practicing songwriting and performing a variety of genres.  She was also a background vocalist for the Hawaiian Reggae Band, I-N-I under the lead vocalist, Levi Kealaluhi.  Jodi has also performed with the local Hawaiian Reggae band, Stateside Islander Crew.  Currently, Jodi still sings gospel music under the direction of Brad Hansen.  She also performs dinner theater monthly at the Off Broadway Live Theater in Santee, CA singing with Bob Schulze and Steve Rolf.  Jodi has been singing with Steven Nichols and Crosswinds since the fall of 2010.